Sandblasted and Routed Signs

Signs Alive custom sandblasted and routed signs are the highest quality available, and will provide a long lasting, attractive sign.

We offer a variety of materials – such as wood, high density foam, and glass – and commercial grade finishes and painting. Each sign project is made custom, and designed for easy installation.

Sandblasted Signs are made by “blasting” sand at wooden, foam, or glass sign surface that is masked with your design. The sand “blasts” the unmasked area, carving your design naturally. The mask is then removed, and the raised and blasted areas painted as per your specifications.
Sandblasted and routed signs are a high end, and extremely distinctive signage option.

Precise, professional installation of your signage is just as important as its design and fabrication.
Signs Alive serves the sandblasted and routed signs needs of clients in a wide variety of industries – including corporate, retail, property management, graphic design, real estate, and construction signage. Our clients share our belief that effective, high-quality banners and signage are an integral part of their visual identity, brand, and message.

We deliver to clients nationwide.

Common applications of sandblasted and routed signs include:
· Entrance of Subdivision, Business Park or Apartment Complex
· Corporate Identity Sign – Glass
· Directional and Informative Signage
· Street Name Post & Panel
· Historic Districts
· Tenant Signs
· Corporate Lobby and Tradeshow Displays
· Storefronts
· Parking Lot Indicators
· Parks and Recreational Facilities
· Boat and Marine Environments
· Restaurants

We are committed to exceeding your expectations with the highest quality sandblasted and routed signs, on-schedule delivery, and professional installation.