Point of Purchase Signage

Displaying vibrant and colourful images around displays or check-out areas within your retail store or restaurant attracts attention and encourages consumers to make a decision to purchase.

Our designers and consultants at Signs Alive! can provide you with a broad selection of point-of-purchase displays to help fuel your sales!

The following list will give you some idea of what is available:

Interior Signs
Great for the checkout area as they encourage impulse purchases and help your customer to navigate the items you have to offer.

Menu Boards
Don’t leave your customers hanging or second-guessing as to what you are offering. Install an organized menu board to send a clear message of the products you carry, the services you offer and the price they are available for.

Floor Graphics
These are very effective marketing aids because they tend to draw customers attention to your product displays and boost your sales.

Counter Top Displays
Convenient, portable and affordable. These are great for promotions that you run throughout the year and are attractive enough to draw people’s attention.

Flat Cut-out Pedestal Displays
These displays get people to do double takes since they give you the illusion of depth. They are also multifunctional in that they can be placed almost anywhere and still make an impact. In addition to retail, they can be ordered for special occasions such as birthday party’s, weddings and anniversaries or seasonal events.

Shelf Front Decals
Utilizing every available space to advertise is the key to driving more sales. Shelf decals give you the ability to take advantage of otherwise dead space. Promote your products, promotions and sales with shelf front advertising.