Laser Scribing

Scribing is the ability to cut part way through a material in a controlled manner. Time is money. Our lasers will increase both the speed and the accuracy of the production of your scribing needs.

Often when a product is produced it requires lines to be scribed on it. Often, these lines are used to guide a secondary process such as hand applied Dremel work or a crease may be required for folding in the production process. In some cases the scribed line is filled with paint, forming an integral part of the design.

Some manufactured parts require a “knock-out” or piece that may be removed later. Scribing provides the opportunity to successfully complete this process and in many cases it leaves the product with the ability to be hermetically sealed.

Scribing is used to weaken some products so they can be broken off along the scribe line at a desired length in a secondary manufacturing process.

Any material that can be laser cut can be laser scribed successfully.