Laser Etching

Etching is described as the ability to alter a surface without removing any material. Etching is a “Dot Matrix” process that scans the design onto the material. Consequently, it is slower than a vector process.

Typically photographs and text are etched onto hard surfaces. Often the material requires added fillers such as paints or dyes in order for the etching to become visible. In other cases the material surface changes characteristics, which allows one to see the etched design.

Etching is customarily done on glazed ceramic, wood and plastic materials. However, our skilled craftsmen at Signs Alive have been most successful on additional substrates.

Some examples of etching are signage, pictures for framing, and advertising materials (often produced from plastics).

If your company is looking for etching for promotional or other reasons, please call. We will discuss your needs and suggest an array of possible solutions to improve the quality and reduce the cost of your application.