Laser Engraving

Your logo is a symbol by which your customers and the community at large recognize your company. It is a reflection of your image and identity.

Engraving is a process where material is removed from the surface. The engraving process is a “Dot Matrix” process and thus tends to be slower than vector cutting and scribing. This removal of material is accomplished via beam intensity.

The normal engraving one sees on wooden plaques is relatively inexpensive. However, if the beam is turned off and on at a set power rate with material that has a consistent density, you will get a constant depth of engraving. This is called 2D engraving.

At Signs Alive, our equipment is state of the art, providing you with the opportunity and ability to go one step further. We turn the beam on and very rapidly control it at varying power levels, resulting in 3D engraving.

3D engraving is a costly operation due to the complex programming involved to make the original program. However, after the program is produced it is no more expensive than 2D engraving and can create a breath-taking result.

Many of our customers have used engraving on wood for advertising as in signs or as a logo on products like furniture. This process is a solution to the problems associated with older methods such as stamped ink.

2D engravings can be filled with paints, inks, other woods, or plastics to give a strikingly beautiful colored finish to the engraved area. This is often referred to as inlaying.

At Signs Alive, we are committed to using the finest materials to produce corporate identity signage and logos of a quality and consistency unsurpassed in the industry.