Dimensional Lettering

Signs Alive is committed to constant innovation and development. We are also committed to exceeding your expectations with the highest quality signs, on-schedule delivery, and professional installation. These commitments have earned us the reputation as one of Oakville’s leading sign companies.

Molded Dimensional Plastic Lettering and Custom Logos
formpastMolded Dimensional Plastic LetteringPlastic molded thermoformed letters are stocked in many shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit your needs. Should you require your logo to match the lettering this can also be accomplished through our design team. This product is extruded from a cellulose acetate butyrate base to form a thick, durable, weather resistant, color consistent result that won’t fade in the sunlight or chip. Thermoforming also produces a brilliant glass like finish.

Cast Metal Dimensional Letters & Custom Logos
castmetCast Metal Dimensional LettersCast Metal letters and logos are hand cast in aluminum or bronze and are available in depths from a half inch to one and a half inches. They are great because they not only enhance the look of an establishment, but they also give a building or a business a strong professional look that says you’re there to stay.
Flat Metal Cut-Out Letters & Custom Logos
flatmetFlat Metal Cut-Out LettersFlat Metal letters and logos can be made in any specified height and width and can be made from virtually any metal that is available in sheet form, such as: copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel and aluminum. Depending on the finer details involved in your project we can determine whether it can be accomplished through the use of CNC routers or if it requires a greater amount of precision through the use of a waterjet.
Metal Plaques
metalplaquesMetal PlaquesThese plaques are wonderful for cherishing memorable events, people, places and things. They come in a high grade of bronze or aluminum and last for an eternity.
Channel Letters For Neon, Fiber Optic & LED Illumination Illuminated Channel Letters and Numbers help your message to literally stand out while giving your business a clean professional appearance. Channel letters come in depths upto 8 inches and can be made in a broad spectrum of colours to match the look you are trying to achieve.
Raised Trim Cap Letters & Custom Logos
raisedtrimgemRaised Trim Cap LettersFlat Acrylic (Plexiglas) is cut out by router or laser and the edges are finished with a plastic extrusion trim. The addition of the trim helps to make your message more pronounced while keeping the cost down. In addition, it tends to look more elegant then traditional plastic lettering.
Flat Acrylic Letters and Logos
flatcutacrylicFlat Acrylic LettersFlat acrylic (Plexiglas) letters and logos are cut out of a 4’x8’ sheet either by router or laser. Acrylic comes in a broad selection of colours and styles that is sure to suit your needs. Flat cut-out letters are often used to together with dimensional lettering to offset and enhance the overall look and feel.
Marquee Letters
marqueeMarquee LettersThese Acrylic blanks are superior to other track lettering because they are molded with feet that allows it to flow freely inside the track. Other straight cut brands tend to get stuck in the track and become troublesome for the end user.
The blanks are silkscreened with UV resistant inks and will not warp, fade or blow away in most conditions.