Laser Engraving

Your logo is a symbol by which your customers and the community at large recognize your company. It is a reflection of your image and identity.

Engraving is a process where material is removed from the surface. The engraving process is a “Dot Matrix” process and thus tends to be slower than vector cutting and scribing. This removal of material is accomplished via beam intensity.

The normal engraving one sees on wooden plaques is relatively inexpensive. However, if the beam is turned off and on at a set power rate with material that has a consistent density, you will get a constant depth of engraving. This is called 2D engraving.

At Signs Alive, our equipment is state of the art, providing you with the opportunity and ability to go one step further. We turn the beam on and very rapidly control it at varying power levels, resulting in 3D engraving.

3D engraving is a costly operation due to the complex programming involved to make the original program. However, after the program is produced it is no more expensive than 2D engraving and can create a breath-taking result.

Many of our customers have used engraving on wood for advertising as in signs or as a logo on products like furniture. This process is a solution to the problems associated with older methods such as stamped ink.

2D engravings can be filled with paints, inks, other woods, or plastics to give a strikingly beautiful colored finish to the engraved area. This is often referred to as inlaying.

At Signs Alive, we are committed to using the finest materials to produce corporate identity signage and logos of a quality and consistency unsurpassed in the industry.

Laser Drilling

Some of our customers have a requirement for accurately sized holes located with precise control in their product. Some of these holes are not round, such as coin slots and attachment screw holes. The electronics industry has a common need that requires holes in small boxes. Usually, these holes demand close tolerance for fit of connectors and plugs.

Signs Alive has cut many wall plates for data jacks and plugs to be installed in office buildings. We drill or cut and measure holes with in the tolerance of +-0.001”

Does your company have a need for accurately cut or drilled holes in a non-metallic substrate? Challenge us at Signs Alive.

Laser Etching

Etching is described as the ability to alter a surface without removing any material. Etching is a “Dot Matrix” process that scans the design onto the material. Consequently, it is slower than a vector process.

Typically photographs and text are etched onto hard surfaces. Often the material requires added fillers such as paints or dyes in order for the etching to become visible. In other cases the material surface changes characteristics, which allows one to see the etched design.

Etching is customarily done on glazed ceramic, wood and plastic materials. However, our skilled craftsmen at Signs Alive have been most successful on additional substrates.

Some examples of etching are signage, pictures for framing, and advertising materials (often produced from plastics).

If your company is looking for etching for promotional or other reasons, please call. We will discuss your needs and suggest an array of possible solutions to improve the quality and reduce the cost of your application.

Laser Marking

Marking is a form of laser scribing. Marking is described as the ability to permanently scribe a design or an alphanumerical number on a previously finished product.

To “Laser Mark” a product the operator has to make up a jig to hold the item in a prescribed manner. Then write a program, which tells the laser system where to apply the required marking.

Often during the laser manufacturing of a part, laser marking is accomplished via the same program. This saves time by reducing the number of steps to the finished product.

If you find that your parts require marking for tracking or quality control processes you may want to consider “Laser Marking” as a viable option. Speak to one of our representatives. You will be pleasantly surprised with our skill at Signs Alive.

Any material that can be laser cut can also be laser marked.

Laser Scribing

Scribing is the ability to cut part way through a material in a controlled manner. Time is money. Our lasers will increase both the speed and the accuracy of the production of your scribing needs.

Often when a product is produced it requires lines to be scribed on it. Often, these lines are used to guide a secondary process such as hand applied Dremel work or a crease may be required for folding in the production process. In some cases the scribed line is filled with paint, forming an integral part of the design.

Some manufactured parts require a “knock-out” or piece that may be removed later. Scribing provides the opportunity to successfully complete this process and in many cases it leaves the product with the ability to be hermetically sealed.

Scribing is used to weaken some products so they can be broken off along the scribe line at a desired length in a secondary manufacturing process.

Any material that can be laser cut can be laser scribed successfully.

Laser Cutting

If a crease, slot, cut hole, or scribed line is required for folding or fastening, as in the packaging industry, laser cutting can solve the problem with a single program resulting in a beautifully finished product. Signs Alive does this routinely with 0.005” thick Mylar film slipcovers.

Our competitors often produce products with material that frays. With our laser, edges such as Polyester are sealed at the edge. Materials that are abrasive, knives, and/or Kevlar webbing are almost impossible to cut via mechanical means, but are easily handled by our laser system.

Some products, such as screen-printed bezels or artistic pieces are produced in thin plastic sheets and require an irregular shaped outline and/or interior holes. Laser is ideal for this application.

Fretsaws, jigsaws, and hot wires are slow, mechanically unstable, and have a high material waste factor. Computerized nesting before laser cutting is a much more efficient use of your material, keeping your costs in line.

If your company has encountered issues such as these, our laser cutting system and skilled operators will increase your quality of your finished product and the economy of production itself. Talk to one of our representatives to learn how we can improve on what you have been doing.

Here is a list of some products and materials that may be cut at Signs Alive:

  • Plastics
  • Acrylics
  • Wood
  • Veneer
  • Cloth
  • Leather
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Vinyl
  • Rubber
  • Mylar